About Us

Christine and I on holiday in Vietnam, it is an amazing country to visit and in the south very lush and green.


Hello, my name is Peter and I am married to Christine who is Vietnamese, I first met Christine in Vietnam in 2010 and we married in the UK in 2012. We can both be seen here in a selfie Christine took when we went back to Vietnam to visit family, which we do every year. If holidaying in Vietnam is on your to-do list I can thoroughly recommend it, Vietnam is a beautiful country and particularly so in the South around the Mekong Delta.

After graduating in English from Can Tho University, Vietnam, Christine went on to study music at The Academy of Music, Ho Chi Minh City. I started my working life owning and running three ladies hairdressing salons, so when Christine came to live in the United Kingdom and told me she wanted to open a nail salon I was able to offer her words of wisdom, but she's the boss and runs things her way (she's a very determined lady). Christine decided not only to open a nail salon but a number of individual Rent-a-Chair salons all conveniently located in the same building which collectively are called Chic Salons. Within Chic Salons there is Christine's nail salon plus my Rent-a-Chair salon (yes I rent it off my wife - oh well) Sassy Sugaring, a hairdressing studio together with beauty, lash and make up areas.

The video below was made in 1986 ( I know I don't look old enough). As a result of being in the hairdressing business I knew lots of people in the beauty business and made promotional vidoes for many of them, in many ways they were a forerunner to YouTube. The technology was analog so I am afraid quality is not that good, but as you watch this video you will see how I was introduced to Sugaring. Over the years I have improved the quality of our sugar paste and develop further the technique of Sugaring.