Before Sugaring - After Care - General Advice

Preparing your Skin Before Sugaring

Taking the time to prepare your skin properly before a sugaring treatment is very important. The hair which is to be removed should be at least 8 mm long. If it is your first sugaring treatment there may be a few very short hairs that are in the early growing cycle and these can be more difficult to remove. Over time, and with successive treatments the growing cycle evens and the hair follicles will weaken, it is at this stage the very best results will be seen.

A few days before you visit my sugaring studio exfoliate gently with an exfoliating mitt or exfoliating body scrub to remove any dead skin cells. This will help prevent any hairs getting left behind. Do not use lotion, serum or oils on your skin in the 24 hours prior to sugaring. You can shower or bath but do not use water that is too hot and do not sunbathe. Any shaved areas should not be sugared until they have settled and the hair has re-grown to an appropriate length. Your skin produces natural oils and greasers and I will remove these immediately prior to sugaring using pre-sugaring cleanser. After the sugaring is complete I will apply a hydrating lotion which soothes the skin and helps prevent ingrowing hairs.

After Sugaring Care and General Advice

Everyone is different and although sugaring is probably the safest method of hair removal as with everything else a common sense approach should be adopted. Following the guidance here should ensure a trouble-free treatment.

If you are new to hair removal remember they have been there since puberty and some are more stubborn than others. Very occasionally pinprick size amounts of blood can be seen on the skin surface, this is normal and nothing to worry about. No matter how careful any therapist is at first there may be a very small amount of hair breakage and that can result in some ingrowing hairs, this can be particularly so on the bikini line. Most ingrowing hairs can be easily seen and released using exfoliator mitt and moisturiser to soften the skin. Any more troublesome ones that cause a red spot can be treated by using a magnesium sulphate paste which will help draw the hair out. Do not be tempted to squeeze.

Although the above may sound alarming in reality very few problems are experienced and with successive sugaring treatments the hair grows finer and much easier to remove.

Using an exfoliator mitt or exfoliating body scrub also helps with the problem of ingrowing hairs and generally keeps your skin healthy. If your underarm area has been sugared do not use deodorant for 24 hours.

And the final tip... now you have started a journey to silky smooth hairless skin do not be tempted to shave or use any other hair removal method between treatments.