More About Sugaring

Sugaring is a completely natural alternative to all other forms of hair removal. After a few treatments you will see a long-term lasting results, the hair follicles ability to re-grow hair is diminished. Sugar paste can remove very short hairs so any new hair growth can be removed at an early stage and as the hair growth becomes finer the overall feel and appearance of your skin improves.

Sugar paste can be applied to the skin at a lower temperature than wax and any residue wax needs chemical solvents to remove it, residue sugar paste can be removed with water.

Unlike wax sugar paste does not stick to live skin cells but it will remove dead skin cells, so exfoliating the skin. When removing sugar paste and the hair it has encapsulated, because it is not sticking to the skin there is less trauma and this is also why it is less painful. With Sugaring there is less chance of cross contamination as bacteria cannot breed in a pot of sugar paste, where as it can breed in a pot of wax.

PLEASE NOTE... for use in my Sugaring Studio I produce single use pots of sugar paste for every individual client and any unused sugar paste remaining after a treatment is disposed of. All disposable items are disposed of after each client and any stainless steel non-disposable items are subject to a two-stage process firstly using sterilising solution and then they are subjected to UV light sterilisation.

After studying all of the information on this website and in my videos, just like me I am sure you will come to the conclusion Sugaring is far superior to Waxing.